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  1. A Dragon In A Pie Costume
    A Dragon In A Pie Costume
    Finished diamond hotend mount models, now to print!
  2. Christopher Welbourn
    Christopher Welbourn
    Hello. I have joined the forum as I would like to build a bigbox to upgrade from the hictoo.
  3. anthony parkin
    anthony parkin
    I come for the party i stay for the free beer
  4. AndyVirus
    Houston, we have a Titan Aero Volcano IDEX bigbox.
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    2. gonzalo
      I got BB dual hybrid, bought 2 zesty nimble extruders. Sourcing parts to IDEX now. I'm in the woodlands
      Jun 14, 2017
  5. KNM3D
    KNM3D cez
    you were saying you can get aluminum frames made?
    is it the exact frame or have certain holes been taken out?
    what is the cost? and turnaround to get the frame pieces done?
    I am very interested.
    1. cez
      sorry, i didn't see this. Yes i do, Liam on the Facebook group can cut them for you. You would need to have a chat with him for the details
      Jul 2, 2017
  6. Björn
    Direct titan Idex with full bed for both heads :)
  7. markoaurelije
    back to normal :)
  8. markoaurelije
    BigBox squashing my prints :-(
    1. cez
      Same issue myself. Lowered the volts on z to 0.45. No issues since and its solved my inconsistent levelling problems
      Mar 31, 2017
    2. markoaurelije
      Actually, it was another issue here... disabled LEVELING_FADE_HEIGHT in Marlin and now everything back to normal :)
      Apr 1, 2017
  9. markoaurelije
  10. Björn
    It's alive!
  11. Björn
    Not done yet, it seems ;)
  12. Björn
    Done! (I hope)
  13. Razar
    MBL working great and BB printing better then ever :)
  14. Tom Price
    Tom Price elmoret
    Hi elmoret! I see that you are an administrator and I found a post you made in 2014 on maximum extrusion rate. I have a 3DP1000 weith standard E3Dv6 & volcano extruder. I can't find the maximum extrusion rate on the hot end and am trying to increase mine. Who would I ask or do you know where this information would be?

    1. elmoret
      Hi Tom,

      There is no maximum extrusion rate listed for the hotend, because it is a function of many things - nozzle size, extrusion temperature, the material being extruded (there are many types of ABS and PLA for example, each with varying flow properties).
      Mar 12, 2017
    2. elmoret
      E3D's testing showed 1.75mm filament had a little higher extrusion rate than 3.0mm, and increasing temperature will always result in faster flow rates - but eventually there is a limit on how fast the polymer can be melted. The only way to improve that is to lengthen the heaterblock (which is why Volcano prints faster than v6).
      Mar 12, 2017
  15. jockspice
    Running a 3d Hub as a hobby does not pay for itself, but still awesome fun!
    1. 3DogModeling
      Mine has...Its paid for upgrades to my printer and lots of new filaments. The number of customers has dropped dramatically over the last year ever since they changed and added the "PRO/Industrial" printers...
      Mar 29, 2017
  16. A Dragon In A Pie Costume
    A Dragon In A Pie Costume
    upgraded to legit popolu stepper drivers, so silent!
  17. Miasmictruth
    Duet Installed, Steppers Stepping, Heaters Heating, Fans Spinning, PanelDue PanelDuing. Now to work out the firmware kinks
  18. Alex9779
    Back for good...
  19. Eric
    Artist looking forward to working with other creatives to mutually move 3D printing forward.
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    2. cez
      In what fashion exactly?
      Feb 20, 2017
  20. TimV