0.25 Nozzle - best Simplify3D setting

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  1. SoBaldrick

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    Sep 15, 2015
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    Still learning Simplify3D, but anyone got recommended setting for Simplify3D using a 0.25 Nozzle with PLA.
  2. Kanedias

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    Sep 12, 2015
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    I don't know but I'm planning on trying it soon too so let us know how you get on.

    My guess is change the extruder size, leave everything else as it is and see what happens. Probably not try layer height of anything over .2 since I've never tried a layer height of .4 with my .4mm nozzle but I can't imagine it going well.
  3. Old_Tafr

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    Mar 7, 2016
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    As a relative newcomer to 3D printing and so to s3d too, I would suggest changing as few parameters as possible.

    The default nozzle is 0.4 I think so that needs changing. I started with 0.4 so my comments below relate to that.

    Do not take the default nozzle and bed temperature setting from either OctoPrint or s3d, check the filament manufacturers recommendations and posts here in the forum. Configure these settings for nozzle and bed in Edit Process Settings / Temperature tab. e3d have temp recommendations for their filament on their web page.

    I stuck with a single nozzle configuration, even though I have a dual, just simpler until you get going.

    I would personally leave the default layer height at 0.1 mm, get things working and then experiment with thicker layers.

    As with PLA "Thermal Runaway" (TR) is a real problem as "the fans are really powerful" so runaway is downward! ) Adjust the height of the print cooling fans to be 1.5 to 2 mm max above the height of the nozzle. Then go into the Cooling tab (right next to Temperature) and set the first few layers to zero fan speed and after say four or five at say 30% then at six up to say 60% and no more, (experimentation needed here) The blip fans tick box apparently does nothing, but I don't know this from personal experience. Check here for what % speed the fans actually move, as at lower settings they just vibrate without rotating. Putting a white mark on each fan to see if it is rotating is a good trick.

    Monitor the temperature of the nozzle in Octoprint, you may not stop the Thermal Runaway, but at least you can see what happened if it does stop. The Rumba will freeze when TR happens, this isn't apparently a "crash" but I don't know how to reset it without powering off-on.

    There are a few test prints around that may be useful to see what works.

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