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Discussion in 'Build Help' started by Boerta, Aug 11, 2016.

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    So, the build manual, chapter 25.2 for dual extruders refers to the 1.0 double direct version, right?
    The references to big and small wire groups from the print head doesn't correspond to the wiring instructions in chapter 21.9 (printhead cables), as far as I can tell.

    2 questions:

    1. How much of a Bad Thing is it if it turns out that the different cables for end stops and heat sensors have been swapped around when i turn the machine on and start testing? I can detect and fix this without too much hassle during commissioning, right?

    2. Which extruder motor should go into which connector on the Rumba board? Is it extruder0 for the bowden (left nozzle) and e1 for the direct? This is turning my sleepy brain into jelly....
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    Well.. the biggest issue if you have wired wrong and do you first move / homing is that is goes the wrong way end endstops are not triggered resulting in a crash. Probably not very dangerous but in worst case something can be damaged.

    Use a multimeter that has a continuity test and beeper to detect shorts. Then measure out all the endstops. The motors can be measured out if you set your volt-meter to AC and turn the motor. Between some of the wires you should get some kind of reading. You can also try DC. If any reaction you found the motor. The heaters and temp sensors is a bit more difficult. But with them you can heat one and one hotend to see if wired correctly.
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