12V MOSFET wiring question

Discussion in 'Volcano' started by James MacGregor, Feb 3, 2020.

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    I would like to get the Supervolcano kit but am worried about hooking up the mosfet correctly. My printer is an ErectorBot with a print area of 12x22 feet (meaning there is a long distance of wires running from the arduino/power supply to the actual extruder head, not sure if that makes a difference). I understand the How-To guide that shows where to wire everything, however I have the addition of a relay in my setup. Can anyone clarify how I would wire things concerning the mosfet?


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    The diagram is very confusing as it is not clear which wires go to the coil of the relay and which go to the contacts and why you need the relay?

    For those of us who don't know where is the mosfet? Assumed the mosfet is used to control the temperature of the extruder and is part of the kit? (web ref ref to the kit would be good)

    Is the Arduino powered by the power supply shown and if so why is the relay needed?

    Long wires will cause several problems...

    Voltage drop, if the wires are too high a resistance then 12v at one end could be 10v at the other, but this may not matter as follows....
    This also depends on the function, if heating and the temperature is measured at the extruder and fed back to the control circuit then it (the control circuit) will just increase the power until the temp reaches the required level regardless of the voltage drop
    If however there is a significant voltage drop in the long wires then the control circuit may not have the ability to raise the voltage high enough at the heater (extruder) end.

    If you have a volt meter then you could measure the voltage at both ends BUT it then gets more complicated depending on how the heating works i.e. is it just dc or a pulsed voltage, if dc (direct current) then easy to check.

    Really a lot more information needed.

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