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    I would like to convert my printers to E3D's due to my good experience with the one I have so far.
    I was wondering, which type of filament works best with the V6: 1.75 mm or 3 mm? (my printer could take both and the question relates to which model type to buy)
    I'm especially concerned about detail. With other hotends like Budaschnozzle and Ubis I get nasty problems due to the filament "after extruding", basically, a fine part of my model will vary in diameter, depending on the soze of objects next to it: if they are small, everythings fine, if they are large, the problem arises, that the flow rate changes from high to low during the move to the small part. For a certain while more filament is then extruded before it levels off.
    Similar problem (and probably part of the reason for the former) is the filament length expansion in the warm parts of the hotend. If only minute details are printed, or large gaps crossed, the filament is expanding in the hotend and the latter keeps oozing. This is also not happening with the E3D as compared to Buda and Ubis.
    Since the 3 mm filament is way more susceptible to these problems (same length extension causes multiple times the extruded ooze) I tend towards 1.75. Also because of faster melt for high speed printing.
    On the other hand, 3 mm is stiffer, which might also be good.

    So what's the official recommendation for the E3D v6 in particular?
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    If you are getting too much oozing, and its ruining small parts - then you need to calibrate your machine better.

    Things such as:

    * Temperature
    * Speed
    * Retraction
    * E-steps

    All make a big difference. It shouldn't change print characteristics if you print different sized prints.

    As for original question - I'd choose 1.75mm probably.

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