3D printed Leur-Lock

Discussion in 'Show off' started by Henry feldman, Oct 23, 2016.

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    Sep 5, 2015
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    I've been working on a project with the the hospital Simulation Center on making a better "bleeding module" for the surgical simulations that actually mimics physiology, produces realistic pulsing blood and responds to transfusions and fluids. In addition can communicate this to the Laerdal mannequins that we use as change in blood pressure and pulse. So today was working on producing 3D printed working Leur-locks (the locks IVs and syringes use) so I can embed IV lines into the central module. Came out stunning in Proto-Pasta Matte Fiber PLA... Really loving this material, and the red won't show stains from the food coloring we use for the fake blood. Note the edge that looks squared off is intentional at the bottom (that's one of the screw thread starts) 0.15mm, 220C/60C, 45mm/sec

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    Any chance of a photo of these in usage?

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