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    I just wanted a quick print, so in this I'm using PETg (spoolWorks Edge), pressure advance is calibrated but I haven't calibrated my temperatures - I'm just using an arbitrary 245C. I'm printing infill / inner walls at 60mm/s and outer walls at 30mm/s and my filament wasn't even fully dry. I didn't take any care in this part as it was just for a test fit.

    I needed to print a part with a counterbore for a screw on the underside and I forgot to enable scaffolding - How did it turn out? Here's a picture of the under-side - To be clear the surface I'm showing was face-down on the bed.
    Support-free Overhang.jpg

    This isn't a nice fast bridge between two points, Cura (v4.5.0) decided to work inwards at 30mm/s and then did the final inner circle at 60mm/s - All supported by just the hot filament to the side and nothing but air below it.

    Why even bother with scaffolding? I'm floored by this result.
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    Nothing against scaffolding but if you print mostly PETG you will love the fact that PLA doesn't stick to it well. Its an amazing support material.
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