A suggestion for the future: sell individual panels (or sets) separately

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    I opted for a plywood Big Box Dual, mostly because I have a fairly well-equipped woodworking shop and I'm used to working with wood. I figured that, if necessary, I could reinforce / modify / partly enclose / soundproof / varnish / whatever / my new baby when I get it. Plus I've found that acrylic is prone to cracking under stress, or when machined by ordinary methods ( e.g. drilling & sawing). So I figured I'd stick with a material I halfway know, understand, and trust.

    But some of those acrylic panels sure look good to me.

    So it occurs to me that some day I might fancy an LED enclosure or a build plate sub-assembly in slick, stylish acrylic of whatever colour. [ Ha! This American spell-checker is flagging 'colour' because it wants 'color' instead. Pfft. ;) ]

    Hence my suggestion for the future: Make individual panels or sub-assemblies available in various colours (and, of course, in boring old plywood). I know you'll be posting the CAD files and .stls eventually, but not all of us have laser cutters or ready access to them.

    Does that seem like an idea worth considering, as & when?
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