Acceleration and Jerk settings

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    Jan 13, 2020
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    Hi Everyone.

    I'm finally starting to get some prints out of the TC but now I have to deal with some fine turning.
    Titans are a pain to make it work. Probably I don't have enough experience with bowden, but it's getting there.
    I did mount a Hemera as direct drive which prints beautifully.
    Unfortunately I just got my first layer shift. Makes sense to me that the head is just too heavy for the default accelerations.
    Would you share your M201 and M566 settings? Standard Titan bowden and Hemera direct drive if possible you have them.

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    Dec 12, 2019
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    My old printer has to shift a ~1000g bed and the same amount of mass at the extruder head. (It is no CoreXY but as well a solid construction.)
    The printers generally have sweet spots from 1000 to 2500mm/s².
    I saw that the TC Bowdens are set to 6000mm/s² default.
    Thus I started to set the acceleration of my two TitanAeros @500g to 3000mm/s².

    I did not change Jerk.
    They seem to run fine in X and Y. But I did only print about one kg yet.
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