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    I recently upgraded my Wanhao i3 to use a v6 with the titan Aero heatsink/extruder, but I'm getting lots of jams printing PLA. I'm trying to eliminate potential causes, so I'd like to know what is an acceptable temperature of the Aero heatsink? Measuring between the lowest two fins (i.e. closest to the hot end) I get around 12 degrees above ambient.

    I suspect it may be related to cooling, since it was very bad on a hot summers day (southern hemisphere here) with ambient ~ 35 deg C. Things got much better when ambient reduced to 25 deg, but still getting occasional jams when printing layers with lots of small details / low flow.

    Symptom is gradually increasing under-extrusion, ending with, depending on the idler tension setting, either the extruder motor clicking or the filament grinding. When this happens it is impossible or very hard to push filament through by hand with the idler released, but if I do manage to push through enough filament extrusion again becomes easy. Obviously the print is ruined by that stage ;) If find that I can always pull out the filament easily, and the end of the filament has a nice clean nozzle-shape, and a couple of mm of thickened filament (presumably where it melted in the nozzle).

    Was using Verbatim PLA which I find usually likes to print a bit hotter than most PLA, so I was printing at 215 deg C. Changing to 200 deg C made no improvement to jamming, but did reduce inter-layer adhesion. Switching to Ugly Monkey PLA (local South African brand) seemed to improve matters, but still not 100%. I am using the standard 0.4mm nozzle that came with the Titan Aero kit.

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