And so the transformation as begun.

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    Last night I was able to remove the duel 1.0 carriage and have started to canablize the parts.

    One thing that helped speed things along as I was able to make a temporary hole in the mesh and slide the extruder motor cable out for the Bowden. Then I slid the excess cable back into the sleave leaving just enough to make it to the stepper. This way I will be able to go back to duel direct if I choose and still looks good.

    I plan to use microfit connectors on all the cables at some point anyways so I simply cut the now extra fan cable where I will eventually add the connector and used electrical tape to insolate the ends incase I ever want to add the second fan back. I can slide the cable end back into the main braid to hide it for now.

    This is all the further I was able to get so far :)

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