[Answered] Titan Guide for Prusa MK2 Owners

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    Note: I posted this here so that I can assist E3D in anwering this question for other MK2 owners. I plan on calling them today to get these questions answered, unless it gets answered here before that call. Cheers!

    Post Updated with answeres received from e3d customer service.
    Disclaimer, I have not tried this yet, I did purchase the parts, I've yet to assemble.
    When I do the post will be updated.

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a Original Prusa MK2, and I'm very interested in upgrading to the Titan.

    Which Titan Kit do I buy?

    Titan Extruder

    • Which of the following extras would I need?
    • Which of the extras are optional, and what are they good for?
      • Answer: You will need the following options
        • Mounting bracket (+£3.00)
        • Motor: Nema17 40N - Dshaft (+£8.00)
    • Does the Mounting bracket fit the Prusa i3 MK2? Or will I need something in addition?
      • Answer: TBD

    Titan Extras:
    1.75mm Bowden Adapter (+£4.50)
    3mm Bowden Adapter (+£4.50)
    Mounting bracket (+£3.00)
    Motor: Nema17 40N - Dshaft (+£8.00)

    If you want the latest e3d HotEnd follow this:

    Do not purchase the: Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit for the Original Prusa Mk2

    Instead go for the V6 HotEnd Full Kit
    I went for the Power Pack - V6 & Volcano 1.75mm Universal (12v)

    Edit Log:
    2016.9.11: Updated with information received from e3d customer support via phone call
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    Any news ? (Also - any reason why not to buy the upgrade kit ? - I actually already have one that was earmarked for my old i3) ..

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    The upgrade kit is for the i3 not the i3 MK2.
    I would assume the kit is not suitable for the mk2 because the bracket does not incorporate the pimda probe.

    For more details I suggest you contact their support team.


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