Anucubic I3 v5J clone upgrade

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    Hey peoples bit new to all this so be gentle hopefully I am posting in the right area :)

    Well the clone hotend that comes with the I3 I think is not the best I have been running predominantly PETG and started getting some clogging I also don't think It likes the hotter temps as well they say above 150 will cause issues I runt my petg at 240 anyway trying to work out what is the best upgrade.

    Main works is in PETG may do some ABS and Softs later only done a role of PLA+
    1.75 size
    Current Clone Bowden setup.

    I get constant problems with bridging small distances on PLA this may have nothing to do with the extruder and maybe just my bad settings :)

    Any help is appreciated.

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