ASMBL build coming along nicely

Discussion in 'ASMBL' started by John Meacham, Dec 10, 2020.

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    My ASMBL is coming along nicely, the only thing missing is the pully for the 3mm shaft (on it right now is a 5mm pully with a shim, it wobbles too much to use that way though). The cable is 4 conductor continuous flex from mcmaster. I had pretty much everything to build it except the ER8 already so it worked out well. (It was nice to validate my hoarding of old CPAP tubes just in case I needed them someday.)

    I am also super pleased with my pluggable tool system, I'll make another post about it with more details, but the connectors are super nice for how cheap they are. very satisfying lock into place and I can mount the steel guide right on the plug as it is beefy enough to stand up to the stress. When in ASMBL/Bowden mode the 4 extruder stepper wires are repurposed as 3 phases of the spindle motor and one mosfet open drain output that is enabled when the ASMBL is docked, this can be used to turn on a vacuum for instance.
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    Looking very cool, good intuition on keeping the CPAP pipe too!

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