Azteeg X3 Pro, 24V PS, 24V to E3D Hot ends

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    Hello all.

    I’m about to do a major upgrade to my Rostock Max and I have some questions about what I’m planning to do…

    My Rig right now:
    Rostock Max, Rambo ver. 1.0, Smart Controller/LED display with the following upgrades from Trick Laser: Carbon fiber arms with zero lash straps, (2)EZMounts and EzStruders, (1) LED Light Ring, (1)LED Hot End Indicator, and I use a E3D V6 hot end. I have the stock 12V power supply and high torque stepper motors from SeeMeCNC.

    The Issues I have are:
    (1) Unable to print multiple colors or support material. My only dual printability is with SeemeCNC hotends because that’s the only duel head mount I have. I don’t have a mount that would allow me to print with Dual E3D v6 nozzles. I’ve experienced rapid meltdowns with all the SeeMeCNC hot ends I’ve purchased, so I don’t use them anymore.
    (2) Unable to successfully print ABS. It takes ½ hour to try to reach 100C, it rarely could with the stock Rostock Max bed and power supply. I have a hard time getting any ABS to stick for any decent printable length of time so in the end no successful prints and a lot of wasted material.

    After a lot of reading in the forums I decided to go with the following upgrades:
    1- (3) EZMounts and EZ Struders.
    2- (1) Rostock Side Arm and motor mount.
    3- (4) High Torque motors from SeeMeCNC for the cold ends.
    4- E3D Legends Pack (Cyclops and Chimera) and E3D Kraken hot ends.
    5- 3D printed ABS mounts for Cyclops, Chimera and Kraken
    6- Azteeg X3 Pro Board with stepper drivers
    7- 18 and 24 gauge wire, 3 and 4 pin connectors for Azteeg Pro board
    8- (1) Meanwell 24Volt 750W 31amp Power supply
    9- (1) SSR (for running 24V to the Rostock Bed)
    10- (4) 24V to 12V step downs (one for each E3D hot end, fan, LED Light Ring)

    My questions are these:
    The 24V bed upgrade, use 24V PS, SSR and step downs were all in reference in conjunction with a RAMBO board. Because the Azteeg X3 Pro board supports up to 24V would I still need to use an SSR and the 24V to 12V step downs for the 24V bed upgrade? Or does the board handle it automatically?
    The Azteeg X3 Pro board can support more steps for the motors( I think 32?)… Can the increase be utilized with the High torque motors from CMC, and will the configuration change from 16 to 32 result in better prints?

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