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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Paul Begley, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2016
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    Having missed the BlackFriday sale recently, I was kicking myself for not being able to purchase two new titan aero’s and selection of edge filament and various other spares etc.
    Keeping an eye on the site I was pleased to see a new clearance section appear. So last Wednesday (29/11) night, noticing things were beginning to sell, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a selection of clearance items. All well and good, received confirmation of the order, great.

    On Thursday morning, the order status changed to ‘Printed'. Great I was looking forward to using some of the new filament over the weekend for a number of projects.

    Friday Afternoon I received a mail with details of a site wide 15% discount. slightly annoyingly (for me) the clearance items were included. However Thinking now would be a great time to buy the upgrades i was looking at, i contacted e3d, and enquired if they could a) honor the 15% discount on the existing order (seeing that it hadn’t been sent at that time) b) combine with a new (as yet unplaced) order for new hot-ends etc, hoping to save postage. every penny helps :)... I received an automated response with ticket # stating somebody would respond within 48 hours, so i eagerly awaited.

    No response over the weekend, ok fair enough it’s a weekend, not everybody works.

    Monday, nothing..

    Tuesday Midday, i mailed e3d, requesting an update on a) my mail b) the progress of my original order c) querying why I’m unable to view more than a single line in any of my previous orders

    Tuesday 6pm, i again mailed E3D, stating my dissatisfaction with their current level of customer service and asking for a status on my already placed order.

    Wednesday late afternoon, i called e3d asking for an update. Initially details of my order were not found in their system. The same with the support ticket. Eventually details were found. I was informed it would be sent immediately, but a refund would have to be issued as some items were no longer available!! i.e sold to someone else.
    I asked about applying the current discount offer on this order as it hadn’t been dispatched, i was offered a 10% discount (the currently available one is 15% !!) but i would have to cancel the current order and redo myself. As i was not in a position at this time to make the order, there was no guarantee the items I had already ordered would be available later.

    It was apparent that nobody had seen the mails i’d sent since Saturday, and if the order had been picked, it was now no longer available.

    I know mistakes happen, but a I truely believe it's how you deal with them and learn from them, that matters. I'm not expecting anything, simply a sincere apology and a little effort to put things right. Maybe a good will gesture, free postage, a future discount, hell even a free Mug. It certainly should not be up to the customer to place the order again. If it needs to go through the system, that should be done behind the scences. It shouldnt be acceptable to simply say "we dont have that anymore", if there was a stock issue, then let the customer know immediately, dont wait for them to contact you. Offer a replacement of similar spec, if nothing exists, offer something at a discounted price. Remember the mistake is not that of the customer, to expect them to go through hoops is just unacceptable.
    if you have a support mail box, make sure you man it and respond timely to enquries, work on meeting you advertised service level.

    Seriously, I've have had better customer service from Chinese companies, when purchasing a lot less. Rather ironic considering that a conscious descision for purchasing a printer from E3D was to help support UK companies. Whats more, the single biggest critism from the BigBox customer base was the complete lack of comunication and customer service. Sorry to see that these things havent improved.

    Regretably I decided to cancel the order and will be unlikely to make further purchases, somewhat annoying as I really wanted to try the new filaments and to upgrade my printer to BigBox IDEX Titan Aero, but I really have a sour taste with this experience. Apparently E3D are known for their "outstanding Relibility, Quality and Innovation". From my recent dealings this is not true of the customer facing areas within the company.

    I doubt E3D will care that they have lost a customer, but im sure im not the first, hopefully they will learn and I will be the last. It's hard work building up a custoemr base, it's harder to maintain repeat customers, yet it's super easy to loose customers.

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    Good Afternoon Paul,

    I would just like to apologise publicly for the poor service you have received with this order at E3D-Online.

    Our internal processes have fallen down for you in this case and whilst I would like to think that this is an isolated case, I will be working with my colleagues in operations to make sure that this does not happen again. Small consolation I know.

    I know we have been in contact personally however I here offer an unreserved apology for the poor service you have received and for the fact you feel unable to purchase from us again. I hope in the future we can work to win your trust in our service back.

    Many Thanks

    Daniel Halsall
    Customer Services Manager
  3. Paul Begley

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    Mar 24, 2016
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    Thank you for responding, and thank you for reaching out directly, I do appreciate it.

    After speaking to my Printer this evening, it thought you deserved another chance. (plus it's hungry for filament) so I’m prepared to try again, and have placed a new order. Hopefully this will go a lot smoother.
    I have mailed you directly with the details, if there are any issues, please let me know.

    Thanks again.

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