COMPLETE BB1.0 to Titan | Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide

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    This is a step-by-step upgrade guide if you have a v1 BigBox from the Kickstarter project and want to upgrade to the titan extruder. I had a hard time to find out, what I need, what I have to do and where I could found all the resources and documentation. Until E3D has an upgrade guide, this thread could help you to achieve a successful upgrade. Unfortunately the direct links to the wiki change every few weeks, so no guarantee that you will reach the sections directly with the following links - sorry. :(

    Titan = This is the name of the new extruder from E3D - it claims to be more precise and much better then the original one.

    X-Carriage = This is the part, which drives left and right on the x-axis with the help of the belts and the stepper motor. It carries the hot-end and the (titan)-extruder.

    1. Order your parts
    You find them in the E3D Store (Direct Link). Choose the upgrades you need. You can print some parts by yourself or just order them with the upgrade kit. I've also ordered the new stepper motor which comes with the bundle.

    2. Print one adapted top-part
    Print this part if you have a working printer. This part will assure, that you can use the whole printing space. If you use the part which comes from the upgrade kit, you will loose a bit of the building space (about 20mm in the x-direction, as far as I know). You can find the printable object on Thingiverse (Direct Link) for example.

    The newly printed part should look similar to this:

    3. Deconstruct the current x-carriage
    Deconstruct your X-Carriage, since you will need some of the parts again for the new printhead.

    4. Prepare the Hybrid X-Carriage
    Prepare the hybrid X-Carriage like it is described in the Wiki. The wiki shows, that you will use both holes in the printed part. Actually, you only need one, you see which one in the following picture.

    5. Prepare the IR-sensor bracket
    Prepare the IR-Sensor bracked like it is described in the Wiki.

    6. Assemble the Titan Extruder
    Assemble the Titan Extruder like it is described on the specific page within the Wiki. The motor connector should point to the left side of the printer. You will see different images in the wiki - some of them show, how you place only the bowden adaptor into the extruder case, others show, that the heatsink is mounted into the extruder case. For our case, we need to insert only the bowden adaptor! The appropriate subtitle in the wiki is called 1.75mm and 3mm Bowden.

    7. Prepare the Titan Extruder
    Prepare the Titan Extruder like it is described in the Wiki.

    (Points 6. and 7. are basically showing/describing the same thing, but Nr. 6 in a bit more detail. I still thought it's a good idea to keep both in this list.)

    7. Fit the X-Carriage to the bearings
    The bearings are already on the x-axis, you will need to reuse them. The process is described in the Wiki. The bearing on the back is shorter then the x-carriage back-side. That looks not correct but it is fine. Make sure you align the back bearing with the right side of the carriage.

    8. Assemble the printhead
    The printhead assembly is described in the Wiki.
    IMPORTANT: You will find different lenghts information for the PTFE-63 tube - none of them is correct if you print your own top part from step 2! In this case, it has to be XXmm!! (I think it should be around 90mm but I'm honestly not completely sure yet - could some verify, what the final size should be?)

    9. Mount the airvent (print cooling fan)
    The fan mount is described in the Wiki.

    10. Mount the IR-sensor
    The IR-sensor mount is described in the Wiki.

    11. Mount the x-axis endstop
    The endstop mount is described in the Wiki. You will need to reuse the screws from the old head, since you will only have one spare in the bag (at least I had only one).

    12. Adapt the x-axis endpoint screw
    Originally, you had a M3 35mm screw on the x-endpoint where the endstop eventually touches. Since you now have a different printhead and x-carriage you need to replace this screw. I've used a M3 10mm screw which is working fine. Screw it in that far, that the nozzle ends at x-position 0 when the endstop touches the screw.

    13. Firmware Update
    Make sure, you use a firmware which supports the hybrid head. You can find the latest firmwares here:
    If you don't know, how to flash a firmware to your BigBox - there is a guide for that as well in the BigBox Forum here.

    14. Calibrate all the axis again
    To make sure, everything is calibrated correctly, do the following calibrations:
    15. Bed leveling
    Caution: If you do an auto bed leveling, the bed will crash into the nozzle since the IR-sensor is far off the bed, so it will never recognize the bed coming up. Actually, this should be solved with the newer firmwares, but I'm still struggling to finally solve this issue on my side. btw: Many tend to use MBL (Mesh Bed Leveling) instead of ABL (Auto Bed Leveling) this times.

    16. Parking Position
    Make sure you adapt your start and end scripts which you maybe have set in your Software Settings (like Simplify3D). If you don't change these settings, the printhead will probably crash into the frame while docking since the old position doesn't fit anymore.

    17. Final Words
    I had quite a few problems while upgrading to the titan extruder. I hope this guide will help a few people out there and save some time. If you have any suggestions for this guide or some additional issues you faced during your upgrade, just add them to the comments or let me know directly.
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    Fantastic work! I've been waiting/hoping for something like this before thinking about upgrading mine.
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    I think the guide has been (more or less) completed. If anyone has some notes on it or something we should add, just let me know. :) Thank you.

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