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Discussion in 'Build Help' started by Brian Dowling, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Brian Dowling

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    Ok, so I'm working the bed assembly now and I noticed a few things, but I'm not certain how critical I should be of these parts. I don't want to end up with any torqing that causes the bearing alignment issues of the z-axis.

    1) I don't seem to have a z_bed_centre in my kit (even though I was one of the last shipments) -- should I be worried, how critical is this part? Looks like a big part, so I'd think it's hard to miss.

    2) I've noticed that the other printed parts in the bed have quite a variance in height. Particularly from the drive nut spacers to the corners, but all pieces vary. Here are some of numbers:
    drive nut support1: 23.22mm
    drive nut support2: 23.40mm
    corner1: 22.60
    corner2: 22.70
    corner3: 23.05
    corner4: 22.75
    Almost all of the acrylic spacers come in at 22.7

    Now those corners don't look bad, especially given how far apart they are in the bed, but the thicker nut supports give me concern, should I sand them down a bit? I realize it's only .8mm in the worse case there, so just asking if I'm being too critical.

  2. R Design

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    I assembled my bed a while ago and all the corner spacers still look taller than the acrylic separators.

    The result is that, having tightened it up, the bed is flush with the acrylic spacers only in the middle: towards the corners there's an approx 1mm gap.

    It doesn't stop it all from forming a rigid body but if I ever take the bed apart again I'd sand down the corner spacers a bit.

    Dont' take that at as advice! ;)
  3. Spoon Unit

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    Sep 6, 2015
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    I also don't have the printed z-bed center part, but I don't think this is critical as there are acrylic parts all around the center. If I disassembled the bed, I'd probably print one off though and pop it in.

    Regarding all those spacers, I don't think they're critical at all. The levelness of the bed is something you adjust by moving up and down the corner hex spacers and re-tightening; so that's how you make the bed fully level if you want to go the extra mile. In practice, the machine can actually print on an very un-level bed and getting it really level is only going to be more crucial if you have a dual and want to print with both extruders at the same time.

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