Bed level routine with BigBox V1.1 hybrid pro

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    Aug 3, 2016
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    I managed to complete assembling the BigBox V1.1, and it was a dream to build, very happy with the printer and how it is designed. A few things I need to solve and hope someone may help me with this

    The V1.1 printer has a hybrid carriage with a single direct Titan extruder mounted on the right side

    The bed level routine takes the IR detector outside the print bed and tries to calibrate the print bed by probing the fframe of the printer. This result in a Z crash as the bed is rising continuously. I calibrated the X/Y endstops such that 0,0 corresponds to 0,0 on the printbed. The firmware loaded by default is 1.1.0-RC6 bigbox hybrid pro.

    I also notice the motors get very warm (almost hot) during the benchy print with the stepper voltage all set to 0.6V, anyone using a lower voltage?

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    I used 0.56-0.57, sounds not much but my motors don't get so hot, I still can touch them...

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