Bed levelling problems

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    I'm having an ongoing issue with levelling the bed of the printer. I have tried self levelling and manually levelling and I'm still getting the issues in the image. What it looks like is the nozzle is too close to the print on the far left and then too far on the far right, which i'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with? and what they did about them?

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    It looks like you have not used the memory store function under LCD/Control/Memory Store. Press and hold the button when you use this function. Even so, do try to get the bed level with the corner nuts as this is important too; I use a digital depth gauge for this operation, measuring from the X-carriage but ensuring not to put any load on the carriage, as this will cause deflection in the carriage. Remember that after any levelling, do not touch the Z-axis drives.

    If you have used the memory store function, do check the relative position of the two Z-drive couplings after repeated home operations; the couplings must be in the same relative position to each other. If not, you may be suffering skipping of one of the Z-motors, so a slight tweak of the driver voltage may be effective.
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    As Mike says, keep an eye on the z couplings. It's very easy to push the bed down and spin one side when cleaning the bed.

    I blutacked a short length of filament to both at the same position. They should stay in line.

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