Best extruder design for V6 1.75mm bowden?

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    Nov 7, 2014
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    Hi all,

    My printer is giving me some problems lately :(

    It started with filament grinding which I traced to a worn out hobbed bolt from printing too many kilo's of PLA filament :)
    After re-hobbing a series of new bolts I got the filament stuck in the bowden. I found that on prints with many many retracts the filament got deformed to the point where it would get stuck in the bowden tube.

    I then changed extruders only to find I moved the problem along with it... After closer examination I did find a section on the hobbed bolt that was responsible for the filament deformation, creating a slight bend in the filament every revolution.
    But.. after changing the hobbed bolt I found the spring tension is so critical that on prints with continuous retracts it still deforms the PLA such that it gets stuck in the bowden tube. The idler bearing flattens the PLA such that the OD > bowden ID.

    I want my rock-solid 40+ hours printing no problem printer back.. how do you guys do it? Any tips on reliable extruders for a Kossel XL?


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