Best Practices for E3d v6 after print maintenance

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    I m new to 3d printing and just finished constructing my first Prusa i3 with a E3d v6 hotend. The first prints went ok for first tries, but after that i experienced nozzle clogging and poor performance.
    Because I had a lot of failed prints which I stopped midway for one reason or the other, is there something I can do in order to stop the nozzle issues? Should I remove the filament right away?
    Can I overheat the hot end (I m using Pla at 205C) to melt the plastic remains as the E3d can go over 290C.
    Sorry for the noob questions... and thanks
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    Where did you get the filament from? Poor quality filament will have bad mixing of additives and those can clump up and cause jamming

    Essentially how you want to resolve this is to 'pull it out'

    Get a strong material like nylon or cleaning filament. Heat up the hot end quite hot, 240 or so is good for pla but you can go higher if you're struggling to feed through. As the filament heats it gets more and more viscous and should eventually start flowing

    Once the nylon starts to flow poke into the nozzle orifice with a brass bristle, high E guitar string, nozzle cleaning drill, or a piece of wire. Once poked in let the hot end cool to ambient.

    Start back up the heat and while its heating pull on the filament until it pops out. You want it to not be melting temperature.

    If you're still struggling repeat this process a few times.

    It's also a good idea to run cleaning filament between material types, i.e. Pla to abs, though certainly wouldn't hurt anything to do it every time you change filaments to grab anything that may have gotten stuck
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