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    Damnit, need to listen to the oracle more often... So printed this for my daughter (needs it for a Roman History project at university) and the print is mostly beautiful (1 tiny z-line mid torso) for a 29 hour print, EXCEPT the eyes.


    I couldn't figure out why a hires scan from a major museum would have screwed up eyes. So I looked quickly at the slice in S3D (I noticed something pre-printing, but why-oh-why did I ignore it???) that looked like this (on both eyes in fact):


    and then into mesh mixer, where I found that the guy who shipped the model, did this internally:


    I am going to try and hand patch the eyes, and failing that will reprint, now that I have exploded the back of the eyes in mesh mixer and then healed the model. This now shows mostly correct slicing (well externally it's all good, there are some weird fragments in the infill, but unlike what your mom said about you, it's not what is on the inside that counts...
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