Big Box With Prusa MMU 2?

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    I’ve been reading a lot about multi-filament methods recently. I’d love a BB with some upgrades to toolchanging but the full system is pretty comprehensive at the moment and I suspect a new machine might be more cost effective.

    Other options are of course the IDEX or go to the twin Titan direct extruders or one direct and one bowden (I’ve a Hybrid Pro). Recent developments in single extruder and material change look promising. The Pallette system looks very good but again is a lot of investment (£800 ish)

    The Prusa MMU system looks good and is a more realistic price (more like £300). I think I’d have one Bowden hotend driven by the MMU and my existing Titan driving another (or maybe removed).

    I suppose the hard part is the slicing and getting it all to work together. Possible with standard board or is duet required?

    Really just thinking out loud at the moment but I like the way things are moving, exciting times!

    PS: Prusa moving into the resin printer and filament manufacturing?!?
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    Basically, it's just a question of how many stepper motors your hardware can reference. I think Prusa ended up with a daughter board that can make one stepper driver control multiple independent steppers. The MMU looks like it's tool change would operate by moving one stepper at a time, rather than 3 steppers moving together, so a switching system might be how they're handling that rather than extra drivers.

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