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Discussion in 'Printers with E3D inside' started by joea, Mar 30, 2022.

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    Nov 12, 2019
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    A couple years ago I picked up a Robo R1 (sorta Beta?) and a Big Box at an estate sale, to get into 3d printing a bit.

    The Robo seemed to still have active support, so I fiddled with that for some time and let the BB sit.

    Now I would like to get going with the Big Box, but find there is even less support for it now. At least active support that I can see.

    I think it is operational, but may not have ever been "dialed in" and there are a few loose ends.

    It has dual extruders, both e3d Titans from what I can tell, one a direct drive one a bowden tube. It has a functional heated bed, a feature I initially missed.

    I did find with some rather out of date stuff on the BB, openly declared to be unmaintained any longer, but was disappointed to find the link to "current" stuff at gave "not found" message.

    Anyone know where things might be, to save me hours of link chasing?
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    I doubt there are any stock BB still out there, there have been a myriad of mods and upgrades published here in this forum. Mine is so heavily modified that you couldn’t use any configs from me. But, you are in the right place, if you go down to the BB section, everything is still there. Don’t be afraid to tinker, you have good extruders, motors, pulleys, bearings and rods, the board is the best 8bit out there as well as the heated bed.
    Good luck!

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