BigBox Dual Acrylic Gray/White For sale

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    After much delibration I have decided to part with my BigBox. I had great plans for it (IDEX with Nimbles), but just haven't found the time to really dive deeply into the project let alone really use the printer.

    I have upgraded to the DuetWifi and have the Touch screen display and the new Z-axis direct driven motors as well.
    The parts for the Nimble upgrade that I have accumulated are the motors, bearings, belt drives for the motors, and the nimbles of course.
    I have spent more time getting to know the printer again after long periods of inactivty. This was my first 3d printer and while I learned a lot, it is too time consuming for me to continue with.

    I live in Hamburg, Germany and would rather have it picked up as shipping it would be too risky.
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