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    We are glad to announce that the first steps are done to provide a new portal for firmwares and setting for your BigBox.

    This is currently a work in progress. The content available is not complete for what we plan to provide especially the profiles for S3D need some review and so do the firmware files. We hope to complete the process by next week for the firmwares!

    All is complete at the moment for all supported version of the BigBox. So I have a side project to provided different firmwares for different setup or with additional features active and more sophisticated profiles.

    You find the new stuff on Github at

    There are several repositories available:
    • Firmware: ready-to-flash firmware images for the supported BigBox build versions
    • Marlin: source for the supported BigBox build versions, have a look at the branches because this is a fork of the original Marlin firmware, some branches are the original ones, not for the BigBox
    • SD-Card: content of the SD card bundled with a new BigBox
    • Simplify3D: profiles for Simplify3D
    Beside we created an overview for BigBox versions available, see BigBox Versions Overview. There are also direct download links for the firmware images for each version (not all available at the moment).

    If you have issues or find errors in the firmwares, the profiles of anything else in the repositories please use the issue tracker on Github. Every repository has its own issue tracker, this helps us to keep things tidy, discussion about issues is welcome in the forums but this should lead to an issue on Github too for better tracking of changes.

    If you wanna contribute "fork, branch, change, pull request". Pull requests are welcome! Or if you don't want to get in touch with Git and Github do it here in the forums!
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