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    The BigBox XLS (Original Frame Remix) created to utilized the whole build size of the heated bed with any of the carriage options and added 150mm to the bed build height while closing the frame top to avoid any outward flexing of the frame.

    I originally posted this under the New Development for the Dual Carriage but realized that it could work with any of the carriage upgrade options. I added 100mm to the X axis, 57.50mm to the Y axis at the rear of the heated bed and 150mm to the Z axis.

    Having it cut in Aluminum with Clear Acrylic side panel inserts. Also created slide rails that will allow the side insert panels to work like windows. Will work on the tracks that will allow to enclose the front panel and eventually an enclosure for the Top. It should accommodate the new dual x carriage development and all of the other carriage configuration with plenty of room to spare between the base and lower support for additional electronics.

    If anyone is interested in taking a look at what it is going to look like:

    Will post files and pics once I put it together and see it all fit together perfectly.
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    Any progress in your build?

    Did you up the diameter on the rods?
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