BigBox hybrid pro V1.1 front cooling fan

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    I noticed when printing the 3DBenchy that the overhang on the bow was printing with a lot of upwards curling on the fresh outer layers resulting in a bad finish. The bow is facing to the printers front and therefore I concluded that the fan in the rear is not capable to cool evenly over the print. My fan height is only a few mm's off the printbed as suggested in other threads but this did not help to cool the front part.

    Therefore I added a 24V 40x40x10mm fan to the front of the X-carriage and this made a big difference. I do need to design a fan holder to print-out as currently the fan is hot-glued to the carriage. This works out fine btw.

    A always like to use the treefrog for testing as this is quick to print, contains a big overhang and small features that include nozzle moves outside a perimeter.

    I added pictures showing 3 treefrogs. One without the front fan, one with the front fan off-centre to the left side of the nozzle (the other side is of a bad quality) and one with the front fan in the center of the nozzle (perfect !)

    Like to share my findings as this might help to improve print quality for you as well.

    E3D PLA @ 215C / bed 50C-40C, 0.15mm layers, 0.4mm nozzle, 20-25mm print speed

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    Nice job, looks much improved. I've been hoping someone with better modeling skills than me would make a better fan duct for the Hybrid Pro. The one I use on my Printrbot only uses one fan that's even smaller and the fan duct does a good job due to its design.
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    I printed the frogs last night for my grandchildren and the results were the same, so I turned them through 180 degrees to cool the worst overhangs. I will be making Chase's carriage soon, so this might be a short-term solution. It has not been an issue with the current print jobs as the size and gentle overhangs do not have problems.
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