BLTOUCH adapted to BigBox Dual Hybrid

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    Yes, the z-axis steppers were moving, but weren't keeping the nozzle at a constant distance from the bed. I've always been rather impressed with the performance of the manual mesh bed leveling, so I expected this to work just as well. Maybe it's just a bug? When you get a chance, could you confirm yours is compensating correctly?

    I've been trying to find a good explanation of how each method differs. I thought UBL, ABL_bilinear, and MBL all could correct for more than just a tilted bed... and I think that's still the case. But UBL and MBL are mesh based, where ABL_bilinear is grid based??

    In my start script, I just followed G28 with a G29. That way I know it's active during my print. I ran G29 multiple times to make sure the results were consistent, and they were. I also used M48 on the stock IR sensor and it was very consistent on my 800grit sanded PEI bed.
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    Try putting this in your script before it starts the actual print
    "M420 S1" ;
    see if that makes a difference. I am at the fringes of what I understand about what the firmware needs, but this seemed to make a difference for me (I am not sure that it is correct, but it does take very small correcting steps as the printhead moves.

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