Boothroyd Dewhurst Analysis of a Hotend Assembly

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    I did a B&D classification of a V6 hotend for a DFM course I'm taking.


    For 'Handling' classification, most parts were predicted to be easy to manipulate, with low handling times.

    For 'Insertion' classification, the fan + duct assembly was the most difficult and inconsistent because it required cutting threads into both the fan and duct. (We did multiple assemblies and disassemblies and cross-threading occured often)

    Estimated Assembly Time:
    150 seconds

    Actual Assembly Time (average of 5 builds):
    166 seconds

    E3D has made some helpful design features to make assembly easier, such as chamfers on the heatblock and nozzle, not requiring fasteners to attach the duct to the heatsink (snap fit), etc.

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