Brief underextrusion after retract

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    I have been working on this issue for a few weeks now and am in need of help. I have recently built a dbot and am using a bowden setup with it. Whenever printing somewhat large parts after a few retracts it will consistently under extrude for a few centimeters before continuous flow again. I know this must be a retraction issue because when completely turning off retraction the prints come out fine aside from insane stringing. Another issue that may or may not be related is most of the time if I try to pull the filament out it is impossible even at high temperatures, the only way to get it out is to extrude maybe 10mm and then pull it out, comes right out after that.

    Here are things I have already tried

    1. Slowing down the print/extruder/retraction speed
    2. Reassembling the hotend (twice)
    3. Ensuring the bowden is all the way down in the heatbreak
    4. Printing a c-clip so that the coupler doesn't jiggle while retracting
    5. Playing with temperatures from 190-220 C (PLA filament)
    6. Playing with retraction lengths from 2-6mm all of which seem to be about the same amount of underextrusion, but due to the length of the bowden tube stringing doesn't stop til around 6mm
    7. Using stock fan instead of my 40mm one in case it was a heat creep issue
    8. Tried different brand of PLA

    The only thing that makes sense in my head is either the extruder slipping or a partial clog. Neither of which make sense because without retraction it seems to print fine, and the extruder doesn't seem to be grinding or slipping, and I also have tried very slow extruder speeds.

    Here is my smoothie config:
    Here is my slic3r config (ignore first image):
    Here is a picture explaining whats happening:

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