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    Getting through my build bit by bit.

    One thing I think is sensible though and the build manual doesn't get you to do. Just at the point you assemble the control panel. Take the base with all the electronics on it you assembled in an earlier step.

    Now, Plug in the heated bed temp sensor to the THB port with the loom you have already prepared.

    Take the PT100 and extension cable out of the hotend box and plug that in to the pt100 amp as well.

    Fit the safety cover to the back of the IEC connector and wire it into the PSU.

    Attach the LCD (remembering cables go ext1 to ext2 and vice-versa)

    Now you can power it up and make sure things like the display cables (plenty of people get caught out on that turning the connectors thing round), and you don't have any major faults like a dead rumba whilst everything is accessible.

    Plus you can also set the display contrast before it's impossible to get to the control without disassembly.

    Don't leave it running unattended or when pets or children are around, the psu terminals are exposed. I guess this is why they don't do this in the manual :)
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    I would assemble the X carrage too, or at least make sure you can slide the hot ends in with the ptfe tubeing. I had to do a bit of sanding to get the to slide smooth tould have been a lot easier to do it on the bench.

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