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    Hello I am build a large scale delta style printer and it will be incorporating the Kracken hotend for a quad extrusion experience in the delta printer format I hope to work with the E3D group in some of my hopes for the Kracken in this project.

    Although it is not yet completed the short list of unique parts were printed using the E3D hotend and as I said it will incorporate the water cooled 4 nozzle Kracken. It has bee designed with that in mind.

    The main part is the central adapter plate which basically ended up looking like at Klingon key chain is shown immediately below

    Here are other images of this as it is a work in progress but I am very excited about it as well. I may even have as surprise added to it and it could become a kickstarter project still working on that aspect so I can't say much more.

    Enjoy the images and I hope it at least places somewhere in the winners circle


    Just some information it is probably going to have an 18 inch diameter base and a vertical aspect of over 43 inches yielding a huge build volume around 10000 cubic inches it will be for the most part a cylindrical build shape

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    It looks like the mini Kossel on steroids. Good job and please send us some pictures when it is completed.
    I am interested in how you implemented the Kraken.

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