Can ASEMBL create a stronger part than FFF alone?

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    1. Can ASEMBL create a stronger part by removing the z-layer notches through milling?
    2. Does roughing the surface of a print between layers increase layer to layer bonding by increasing the contact area?
    3. Could a smooth, spinning bit melt plastic (through friction created heat) in a controlled way and improve z surface bonding through welding?
    4. Could a sub-mm "needle" bit be used to form internal welds (press bit down, then make small spiral to force melted plastic into a "wall" around a hole)?
    5. Could a spinning micro ball at the end of a bit be used to weld surface layers together with the idea of getting the z dimension as strong as x-y dimensions? Since new material is not being introduced, the ball would also have to provide enough downward pressure as well as heat to form a weld.
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    For 1. CNC kitchen has looked at vapor smoothing to remove layerlines and prevent crack propagation, iirc.

    For 5. Diabase Engineering showed they can use a "hot roller" to burnish TPU prints. They turn out really nice, but I don't know if the strength is improved.

    The TPU burnishing was from this video:

    There's also an example of a spinning ball tool at the bottom of this blog post:
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