Can't seem to print TPU at all on my new Hemera

Discussion in 'HotEnds & Extruders' started by pixartist, Apr 6, 2021.

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    Apr 6, 2021
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    So I just installed my Hemera on my Ender 3 pro (with an SKR mini board). I did all the firmware changes, including the stepper current change, I calibrated the e-steps, I did heat-tightening. Everything by the books. With the hemera I bought this TPU filament. I created a new cura profile for it, 0.5(-1) mm retraction, I experimented with the cooling fan (off-100%), I experimented with the print speed (30-60mm/s overall, meaning lower speeds for most parts), etc.

    Every single time I got a jam and a skipping extruder stepper with the filament looking like[​IMG] .

    The only way to get this stuff to print was to raise the temps to 245°C which is 15 degrees above the max. rated temp for that filament. And it resulted in a pretty rought quality print.

    I am normally printing PETG which worked very well right from the start and actually produced a better quality than my ender hotend right on the first print I did.

    Any ideas what's happening? I thought the hemera was the go-to solution for flexibles. It seems to not work at all for me.
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    How can you be sure that a setting of 245 is really achieving 245 at the hot end? Do you have any way to measure it independently of the printer? Perhaps your setting of 245 really only results in 215, which might then only be just enough to print and explain the lower settings generating only rubbish and/or jams. Now you've found 245 works, how about trying 255 and 265? Results are always the way you prove things are working well; settings are just settings and might not actually reflect reality. Could be as simple as a broken temperature sensor.

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