Chimera / Cyclops UMO (3mm) Hack

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    I just joined this forum to bounce some ideas off of everyone. Several years ago (when Sanjay was just starting out), I was fairly active in the UM forum and I'd like to support E3D and hopefully save myself some machine shop time too by hacking Genuine E3D parts. I could also buy some cheap cloned heat sinks and parts (except for the heat breaks, which absolutely need to be genuine E3D :) ), but bleh! I just hope I don't "brick" my expensive Chimera heat sink on my first go at it! At first my plan was to just convert my UMO to conventional dual extrusion. It brought me to the Chimera, but now I think I'd like to try the Cyclops option too and the Asian clones of the E3D Cyclops heater / "switcher" block look very crude to me!

    My inventory of 3mm filament is far too large to consider converting my UM to 1.75mm. Here are my plans so far:

    1. I will drill out the two Chimera heat sink throat bores to accept full pass-through 6 mm / 1/4" OD Bowden tubes.

    2. I also need to remove the integrated Bowden collars (are they brass?), of course, and replace them with something that is 6 mm / 1/4" Bowden OD compatible. Can I press-in new flush collars, if they are available, or will I need to simply drill and tap the heat sink for two PC6-01 press fit pneumatic couplings? The extra height of the conventional pneumatic couplings is of no consequence in my application, and some users report the PCx couplings to be more robust than the flush fit E3D Bowden retention mechanism anyway.

    3. I don't want any PTFE in my heat breaks so I will order two E3D V6 hotend 3 mm heat breaks and convert them to Chimera-compatible heat breaks by drilling and M6 threading some 303 stainless rod (or maybe brass or aluminum, because they are easy metals to machine). I'll use them to sleeve-over the upper threads of the V6 heat breaks. Then I'll turn down the OD of the sleeves to 7 mm on my lathe so they will fit in the Chimera heat sink throats.

    That pretty much completes the necessary steps for conversion but I also plan to water-cool the heat sink. Given that I'll be doing machine work on the fin side of the heatsink to position my UMO's lower horizontal linear slider bearing up very close and low on the heatsink (for a huge UMO Z-height increase), there's no reason for me to wait for the upcoming E3D water-cooled Chimera (unless Sanjay wants to sponsor my project send some of the new water cooled parts to me:) :) :)).

    My BL-Touch mounting will require much customization too. I don't know whether I'll pursue a 3D printed water jacket/mount or drill the heatsink fins to route copper or aluminum tubing back and forth within them.

    Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any thoughts about my plan!

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