chimera+ replacement parts sold separately?

Discussion in 'Multi-Extrusion' started by hans, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Mar 9, 2018
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    Hey there,

    I am highly interested in buying a chimera+. Unfortunately there only seems to be a complete set to be available on the website. It would be great to be able to buy the parts separately as it is possible with the v6, because I would be able to replace broken parts and to not buy parts I don't need.

    For example I don't need the fan, I would like to directly upgrade to the Capricorn tubes and maybe volcano. But if I had to buy the set AND the upgrades, I would waste half of the set (and the money I paid for the parts I don't use).

    Is there a way to customize the chimera+ set or buy the components individually?
    And where is the difference between the chimera (air) and chimera+ (air). It's hard to find any information about that...

    I would be thankful for any help or answer ;)
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    Apr 3, 2017
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    We are working on this, we are sorry this is taking so long. Each product takes a bit of effort to be implemented properly. They should be up on the website and available to purchase fairly soon.
    Once again, apologies for the delay.
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    Mar 13, 2018
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    There's a difference between the old Chimera and Chimera+ air cold ends - the space between 2 filament inputs is larger by 2mm on the newer one. That means some mounts won't fit and it won't be compatible with the old Cyclops block. But at the same time you'll at least be able to fit socks on both heater blocks for Chimera now.

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