Chronic Over Extrusion from E3D V6 and Nozzle X - Help!!!

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    Feb 1, 2021
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    I have just retro fitted E3D-V6 with Nozzle X to my Eryone Thinker and at the same time installed an SKR14Turbo and Dual Drive Extruder. I have configured Marlin from the main Marlin Branch. All the limits and levelling are working ok. Steps have been set, PID done, Z-Offset saved etc. The extruder will extrude PLA at 205 quite happily. When I try and print a calibration cube using my standard settings that have worked for the old printer and are working for the Er20 as standard things go very odd.

    The Cube gCode file can be viewed here and images of the problem are below.

    I think it is to do with over extrusion but am new to this level of customising and modification.

    Really hopeful someone can help!



    Bottom layers appear fine

    But then later layers look totally over extruded. Print needs to be stopped as Nozzle riding over over extrusion

    An overhead shot shows that the infill appears OK.
    A Linear Advance test results in

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