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    OK - I know this has been discussed ad nauseum here but someone has to have an answer.

    I have the latest Titan attached to the e3d V6 on a Taz 6 - running 3mm filament. Clicking is worse when the idler tension is increased - I have the idler backed all the way out and that has minimized it. The max rate I can push filament (PETG, n-Vent, polycarbonate etc) is about 2.5mm/s - go above that and the gears slip. There is no play in the assembly/gears - double checked everything. If the system is presented with any situation that increases the force needed to push the filament there is gear slippage - last night I had a print ruined because a tiny (TINY) fault in the filament got caught up on the entry to the idler. I really think the gears on this extruder just can't handle enough torque or there is too much flex in the housing allowing the gears to push away from each other. This is evident when increasing tension which worsens the slipping. Has anyone figured this out?



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