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    So had the inspiration from the artery project and the colon project, to try the spinning mandrel technique we used for the artery for the colon. Since I was a tad worried that this shaped mandrel will not allow sliding of the silicone to remove it at the end, it is printed in Scaffold so we can dissolve it if worst comes to worst (although that would be a bummer since it's reusable). I am hesitant to try mold release compound on it, since I suspect that will cause failure of the spinning part to adhere... For those not on your anatomy this is your ascending colon (the part that attaches to the small bowel, at the hold you see right near the corner of the dump bucket) and the 3/8" flange is where your cecum/appendix are). Note I print Scaffold at 230 for these big models which works way better (this is not what you do for support, but since this is a continuous print there is no burning of the filament, and the layers really gel up solid)

    So I present to you:

    The Colonopsicle




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