Colorfabb not working on E3Dv5

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    May 28, 2014
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    I have been printing succesfully with my E3Ev5 since june this year.
    Mainly on ABS but recently tried to print PLA using Colorfabb Sky Blue 1.75mm ( exact diam 1.69 BTW)

    The problem with this Colorfabb is that it stops printing between 20 - 70 min.
    It doesn't stop suddenly (no jam) but it takes a few layers then the printer proceeds printing in the air.
    I have always reversed the filament out of the extruder when this happened and measured the diameter of the part close to the heater block and it measures between 1.85-1.95mm wich explains why the extrusion stops.
    I am using the fan that comes supplied with the E3D.

    I have tried temps as high as 220C and low as 198C but the same thing happens. Heat bed at 60C from 2nd layer on.
    Also I changed E-steps/mm several times with 92 giving me the longest print(70 min).

    I have received a color sample batch in plain PLA and have been printing with this with very good results.
    I'm I missing a setting I have to change? I have the extusion multiplier in Slic3r set to 1.

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