Comparing Extrusion Pressure (E3D-v6 and Prusa Nozzle MkII)

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    I've just built and installed my E3D-v6 hot-end, and I must say I was impressed with the detailed online instructions and the way it all fitted together. I have recently added a load-cell to my machine, which measures the extrusion force in the Bowden tube between extruder and hot-end, so I was able to do a comparison between the PrusaNozzle MkII I had been running for some time, and the new E3D-v6.

    The attached file contains a graph of the two runs, and the data used to produce it (with GnuPlot)

    Basically everything was identical, I printed a standard part with the PrusaNozzle, then installed the E3D-v6, changed the Thermistor setting, and printed the same part using the same G-Code.
    The Load Cell is calibrated to 1 gram units, maximum somewhere over 5kg. print takes 30 minutes, around 13 samples/sec.
    As the E3D head takes around 15mm extra in the Z axis I had to adjust it. While the Prusa had printed many parts in production and was adjusted to squish the ABS onto the bed, the E3D was slightly higher on its first run, which probably explains why the Prusa showed much higher pressure at the start. The E3D required greater pressure later on in the print, which could be due to the supplied PTFE tube diameter being slightly smaller (which should be a good thing to reduce retained pressure in the tube), and or because of different temperature at the nozzle. (The set temperature at the thermistor was the same in each case, at 245C)
    I'm not sure if much can be made of the comparison, but the data should serve as a baseline, and perhaps others can add to it.
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    Re: Comparing Extrusion Pressure (E3D-v6 and Prusa Nozzle Mk

    It'd be good to have used the same PTFE tubing on both runs. Still interesting data!

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