CR-10 v2 Extruder Upgrade

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    I recently upgraded the stock hotend on my CR-10 v2 to a genuine V6 and have been impressed how much it improved extrusion and retraction. I'd also like to upgrade the extruder, but have found limited information on it. The vast majority of information is with regards to the standard CR-10. I'd particularly like to run a direct drive setup like the Titan Aero, but am open to an upgraded bowden solution as well. I just want more consistent extrusion at higher print speeds. I'm typically using PETG, and have to keep print speeds under 30mm/s to get good results with it. Beyond that speed I get under-extrusion, and the extruder will sometimes skip instead of feeding the filament. Could someone recommend an extruder upgrade? I'd really like a direct-drive option, but would need a decent tutorial on how to install it on my particular printer, should one exist.

    Edit: Also, is there a way to force the printer to let me print at higher temperatures than 260C? That v6 can go higher, and I'd like the additional headroom if it's possible.
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