Ctc prusa clone with prusa upgrade e3d v6 kit shananagins

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    Sep 14, 2017
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    Hi All
    I merrily fitted my new titan upgrade kit today and have hit a couple of problems
    1 The x axis travelled the wrong way to home after fitting i changed the true/false in arduino and it travels in the correct direction now but hits end stop and keeps trying for a few seconds before quitting.
    2 The configuration changed a bit so i re-calibrated and no major differences apart from extrusion i tried to test on 30mm and only got 5mm through so i re-calibrated and no improvement i switched back to original ctc extruder setting of E92.23 and it doesn't extrude, my calculation had me change this up to E752 but that didn't work either!
    3 i know its me so if i could have some help please i'm not even sure the extruder is stepping the right way as it moves so little i cant see which way its going!
    Bed Calls.
    Thanks in advance

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