Cyclops and Marlin RC3-4-5-6 etc..

Discussion in 'Multi-Extrusion' started by redozqld, Jun 8, 2016.

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    Jun 8, 2016
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    Howdy All..

    I am looking at getting a Cyclops and installing it in a clone that I am building (a cartesian) just wanted to ask some questions about integrating it into Marlin.

    1) Has it been sucessfully done? I know from reading people are saying that it cant because of the two extruder / one heater / one thermistor setup? And to use repetier, I've been using marlin for about 5 months now since I started with 3d printing, so new firmware just adds more things for me to break.
    2) I have two extruders that I plan to use, which are the standard mk8 hot end extruders, with planetary gearbox's on nema 17s, been reading that it needs a lot of push to get the two into one to extrude properly, is this true? or will I have work?
    3) Are there any setup guides for Marlin? Ramps etc. for Cyclops?

    Thanks all, sorry for the newbie questions..

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