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    I have been thinking of getting a Cyclops for my little Huxley (I have a Chimera for my larger self designed printer which works very well). I thought about using the Chimera for the Huxley but it would reduce the already limited print area to much.

    The Cyclops seems to be the best option as it shouldn't need to reduce the print area at all (maybe a few mills off of the Y axis depending on where it finally lays). Before I go ahead and buy it I was hoping to get some advice. I use Repetier Firmware for both my printers. I know that is has the option to allow the printer to run two extruders with one nozzle. Do i just tick that box and setup the extruders as if they were seperate? How does it deal when the slicing software asks extruder 2 to be a different temp to extruder 1? I pretty much only print in PLA so not a biggy but with Chimera I use Slic3r and it reduces the temp of the inactive extruder to prevent oozing.

    Speaking of slicing, what are the settings I need to play to get the slicer working well with Cyclops? Do I just treat it the same as I use Chimera?

    Sorry to throw loads of Q's out, it is expensive (as I will have to buy a titan extruder and create an extra stepper interface for the Sanguino driver board I am using!), I just want to be sure before I press the buy button :D

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