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    Oct 31, 2021
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    I have just installed a cyclops+ Hot end on my CR10 with duet wifi, Set-up my RepRap firmware and drove a little filament through both sides (50:50 mix ratio so that they both melted evenly)

    All worked great, so I packed up and went to bed. I come back this evening and both sides are clogged!

    So I disassemble the hot side and cold side.
    The inspection tells me that the blockage was in the right hand ptfe tube way up in the cold end, but nothing on the left side.
    Pushing a chunk of filament through the heat breaks tells me that both filament paths are clear so I reassemble with fresh PTFE on both sides.

    I re-prime and try again. Still clogged... This makes me think there's something amiss in the hot side, but how do I clean and inspect?

    I repeated the process of stripping it all down, cleaning and reassembling a few times, to no avail.

    -How do I avoid the filament melt zone creeping up into the cold side?
    -Should I be swapping for the heat breaks with more PTFE, to avoid the heat transfer into the cold side?
    -Is the PTFE Tube insufficiently inserted? (would have expected to see the jam to occur between the PTFE and the heat break if this was the case)
    -How can I do a cold pull on a direct drive set-up? Is it worth the faff?

    Set-Up for reference:
    Duet 2 Wifi with Duex 5
    CR-10 V2 Motion system
    Bondtech BMG X2 extruders
    40mm fan on the cyclops cold side

    Extruding PLA @ 190degC

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