Difficulty printing Scaffold on Taz6

Discussion in 'Filament' started by Rover, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Hi, I have a Taz 6 with a dual extruder and after much frustration with PVA I was happy to find there was an alternative disolvable filament. But I have also struggled to successfully print with parts made from Alloy 910 and Scaffold. I am using the recommended settings (http://e3d-online.com/Scaffold-Support-Material) for Scaffold except I have raised the hot end temperature to 230C after a suggestion in a thread by Henry Feldman.
    I have attached a photo of a raft printed in scaffold, it started at the bottom of the picture and as it printed less was extruded till it was just spider webs on the second layer. When printing the dense infill the many moves and small extrudes cause the filament to strip at the hobbed gear. The acceleration and jerk of the extruder are at minimum levels.
    Does anybody have experience with Scaffold on a Taz6, is there a trick that I am missing? I am wondering if the hot end design has too much heat creep, I have already replaced the squirrel fans with 30mm fans and shrouds.
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