Dual Mirrored Titan Carriage

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    It's taken forever but I finally finished my redesign of Chase Wichert's dual-Titan carriages. The new carriage uses sleds like Chase' original but the left and right sleds are mirror images of each other. This brings the nozzles slightly closer together but more importantly puts them at the same Y-coordinate. I also redesigned the Y carriages making quite a few improvements along the way.


    The air flow should be quite a bit better now.


    Wiring for the parts fan, limit switch, and Z-sensor are now internally routed to a tower mounted Molex Microfit 3.0 connector.


    One of my favorite features is the screw driven rack belt tensioner


    The Y-carriages have a few new features as well. I'll do a proper post after I mount everything and make sure everything works as intended.

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